Tango Argentino
Body-Mind integration

A practical path into the possibilities of movement and encounter

Life is now~
Shall we dance?

Our bodies are the most direct path to self-awareness.

Home of our most primary memories.

Our bodies express what goes through us, even if we try to hide it (to say here «non-verbal communication» would be just the tip of the iceberg).

It’s the place of the unconscious. And maybe the only that remains in the “here and now”.

While the mind travels to the past or to the future, the body gives us the sense of the present.

What would your life be like if you listened to your body?

If that listening allows you to understand what you need and how to provide it.

To connect with yourself and others on a true and deep level.

If you integrate mind, body, soul and emotions.

Want to find out?

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    Tango Argentino

    Tango is about encounter within an embrace. It’s where its magic and power of making people feel good reside.

    What does it take to enjoy this magic?

    A combination of skills, self confidence and open listening go hand by hand in tango dancing.

    My work focuses on helping you build a deeper connection with yourself through body-mind awareness, with your dancing partner(s) and with the music. Finding and supporting your own strengths to advance in the journey. Keeping it easy and playful even if you never danced before.

    Yoga & Body-Mind integration

    Yoga Lessons

    Social-Emotional Learning


    Tango and traveling are life passions that I enjoy to share.

    It takes >2 to tango

    There’s no 2 without 1+1 willing to build a shared space together.

    When you know yourself better and build up your skills (including the physical, mental and emotional level) in a way that contributes to hold the space with another being –in the dance and in life– the interaction flows with more ease and playfulness for both partners.

    And yes, you guessed it: Your social life benefits from this too.

    Hi! I’m Jessica

    I’m a certified instructor of tango argentino, yoga and yoga therapy (now pursuing a certification in Kundalini yoga too), Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner and social scientist.

    My personal experience with tango and my research on sociology of the body and anthropology of the senses led me to dive into the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture –as what we do with our bodies has great power on how we perceive ourselves and relate to others.

    That way I got involved with somatic education and the therapeutic uses of movement, arts and dance, and later combined them with my passion for travels by designing and coordinating transformational travels and cultural immersion experiences in Argentina through tango dancing.

    My present work focuses on wellness through conscious movement, using the potential of body awareness and dance to help people gain self-awareness and skills for personal development and relational intelligence in their everyday life.

    Tango Argentino
    Body-Mind integration

    by Jessica Gerdel

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