Tango Argentino,
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Body-Mind integration

A practical path into the possibilities of movement and encounter

Life is now~
Shall we dance?

Our bodies are the most direct path to self-awareness.

Home of our most primary memories.

Our bodies express what goes through us even if we try to hide it (to say here “non-verbal communication” would be just the tip of the iceberg).

It’s the place of the unconscious. And maybe the only that remains in the “here and now”.

While the mind travels to the past or the future, the body is our bridge to experience the present.

What would your life be like if you listened to your body?

If that listening allows you to understand what you need and how to provide it.

To connect with yourself and others on a true and deeper level.

If you integrate body, mind, soul and emotions. In dancing and in everyday life.

Want to find out?

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    What my students say

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    "The class with Jessica went by waaaay too quickly because we had so much fun, and got to work on our dancing a lot. During the class she gave us the tools to go out and social dance at a milonga, which we did the same night! She focused on the connection in the dance couple, and explained how the social dancing works. She made us feel free to experiment and improvise, which is within the spirit of the dance itself. She was great at explaining, and had good answers to all our questions. This is perfect for anyone who wants to learn and gain the confidence to go out social dancing!"

    Caroline Oslo, Norway

    "My husband and I signed up with Jessica as a favor to our son, who had taken a lesson with her and wanted us to step outside our comfort zone. We're not dancers. Never have been, but Jessica's approach was so easy and friendly, we left feeling there was hope for us to learn a new activity. Thanks, Jessica! Our hour lesson was fun and worthwhile -- we now understand why so many people love tango!"

    Karen Arizona, USA

    "More and better than expected. I have never been a dancer but within minutes we were gliding around the space. Jessica explained, then demonstrated, the almost imperceptible ways of communicating movement and direction. I was so impressed that I contacted Jessica about another lesson. Buenos Aires is so amazing that I didn’t really need another reason to return but Jessica gave me one anyway."

    Kevin Kansas, USA

    "Jessica is a wonderful teacher. I had a big increase in my anxiety during the lesson (old habits) but Jessica handled my needs wonderfully and got me back to normal very quickly. She had a mixed group of dancers and did a great job personalizing the lesson for everyone. She took good care of us and provided a wonderful experience for everyone. I would definitely recommend Jessica for anyone who wants to explore what tango is really like."

    Jennifer New York, USA

    "My wife and I have wanted to dance tango in Buenos Aires for quite a long time. We have taken a visit to a classical milonga and after seeing the ritual attending the event and the packed dance floor of experienced dancers we wondered if we’d ever be able to gain enough mastery and courage to achieve our goal. Jessica is a talented and sensitive instructor who works with you to find the kind of experience you are seeking. For us it was finding a milonga that was comfortable, welcoming and accepting of beginners. We began with an hour long lesson to give you some helpful strategies for handling the dancing. We then left the studio for a milonga that had all the qualities we sought, including live music. The evening went perfectly and we’ve now accomplished our goal. Jessica was always present to guide us as to what to do. She has a passion for the dance and its culture which is contagious and inspiring. It was a magical evening for us!"

    Tim St. Louis, USA
    Tango dancing lessons

    Tango Argentino

    Tango is about encounter within an embrace. It’s where its magic and power of making people feel good reside.

    What does it take to enjoy this magic?

    A combination of skills, confidence, trust and open listening go hand by hand in tango dancing.

    My work focuses on helping you build a deeper connection with yourself through body-mind awareness, with your dancing partner(s) and with the music. Finding and supporting your own strengths to advance in the journey. Keeping it easy and playful even if you never danced before.

    You can learn with me in group lessons and privates. Also online.

    Yoga Lessons

    Most times, the difficulties that appear in learning a dance, being more expressive or just moving efficiently for daily tasks, have little to do with the dance/movement technique itself and more with the ways we inhabit our bodies.

    The practice of yoga and other body-mind integration techniques are of great help to address these topics and to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

    Physical demand is not the goal in my approach to movement. I help you to get familiar with your own ways of moving and inhabiting your body. To discover what’s underneath and explore different patterns to enrich your possibilities of movement and expressive skills.

    Body awareness is helpful to know yourself better and identify what you need and how to provide it. And this gem is the base for self-care practices, healthy boundaries and more harmonic ways to connect with yourself and others, in dance and daily life.

    In my own journey, the path of embodiment and movement analysis was more clarifying for my dancing than many tango technique classes I attended before; more supportive for my self-awareness and rediscovery process than traditional counseling; and definitely powerful to improve the way I relate to myself and others and how I act in the world.

    The other source that nurtured my journey was traveling. I combined this life passion of mine with my interest in the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture. First on my own experience and later designing and coordinating transformational retreats and cultural immersion experiences to help others find their own path, using the potential of traveling (literal and metaphorically) for self- and cultural awareness, personal development, wellness and relational intelligence in their everyday life.

    Hi! I’m Jessica

    I’m a certified instructor of tango argentino, yoga, therapeutic yoga and Kundalini Laia yoga, Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner and social scientist.

    My personal experience with tango and my research on sociology of the body and anthropology of the senses led me to dive into the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture –as what we do with our bodies has great power on how we perceive ourselves and relate to others.

    That way I got involved with somatic education and the therapeutic uses of movement, arts and dance. And later combined them with my passion for travels by designing and coordinating transformational travels and cultural immersion experiences in Argentina through tango dancing.

    My present work focuses on well-being through conscious movement, using the potential of body awareness and dance to help people gain self-awareness and skills for personal development and relational intelligence for everyday life.


    You're welcome to join the group classes or to choose the time of your convenience for private lessons.

    Our friendly tango prácticas and milongas also await you.

    Learning tango or yoga with me from the comfort of your home is possible online too, worldwide.

    Group lessons are in English (and Spanish according to group’s needs). Progressively learning German but still far from fluent. When needed we’ll translate for you.

    You can join with or without a dance partner and dance with any person in the room regardless of gender.

    Learning both roles is welcomed and encouraged.


    Registration to the next Beginners course is open! Summer intensive: July 3 & 10. 20:00-22:00. Haydngasse 1, 1060.

    Join the Newsletter for updates on the summer courses for participants with previous experience. We’re on Spring pause from May 15th to June 20th.

    ⭕ Next events: 

    Milonga Itinerante at Amerlinghaus (Stiftgasse 8, 1070, upstairs) on May 14th at 19:00. 

    Duo Faryna-Satorre from Argentina in Concert & Milonga with live music at Café Aera (Gonzagagasse 11, 1010) on June 23rd from 18:00.


    Further info here.

    Contact me if you still have questions.



    Send me your desired times to check availability. From May 15th to June 20th I’m not in Vienna.

    Private lessons are for 1 person or a couple.

    Semi-private lessons: Gather your friends and request the time of your convenience for one class, a few, or a regular learning program adapted to your needs and agenda.



    On every class and event I invite a light and friendly atmosphere to welcome new and recurring attendants.

    Tango argentino is social on its roots and it’s up to each of us to keep it that way. Come with good vibes and open to co-create a welcoming space for all ✨

    ⭕ Open Práctica Join us in the most welcoming tango party! For all levels (even to learn your first moves from other attendants). It’s a space for socializing, co-learning, practicing and improving together. Calendar and details here.

    ⭕ Milonga Itinerante Milonga is the name of the social gatherings to dance tango argentino. Their main difference with prácticas is the observance of specific codes that rule the milonga format. Beginners are welcome in our milongas. Just ask me to guide you on the codes if you don’t know them.

    Itinerante means our milonga takes place at various locations. Calendar and details here.

    If you never danced tango, join the open class before the milonga (when scheduled) to learn the key elements to participate in a milonga. Or just come to watch and meet people. Tango is a very captivating dance that can be mesmerizing to witness and you can start making new friends even before learning the dance.

    Join the newsletter to be the first to know all details of these and future events!



    Share tango with your loved ones anytime ❤️

    Send me a message to get a gift card/voucher for any of the courses or private and semi-private lessons and spread the tango love.


    Lunes y Miércoles 8:00 (Online)

    Inscríbete vía email o aquí.

    Contáctame para solicitar clases particulares, presenciales o nuevos horarios. No es necesario tener experiencia previa.

    *Los horarios a pedido se abren con un mínimo de 4 participantes. Junta a tus amistades y consúltame el horario que prefieran.



    Previous registration is required. Register here or send me a message.

    *Spring pause: May 15th to June 20th.

    Monday 9:05 and Thursday 20:30 at Zentrum Exist (Sechshauserstraße 38-36, 1150). 

    Online from wherever you are. Schedules are in CET / Vienna time. Calculate the equivalent in your time here.

    Contact me for private lessons or other times.

    *Schedules on demand are possible with a minimum of 4 participants. Gather your friends and ask me for your desired times.

    No need of previous experience to join a session.

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