Build a deeper connection with yourself & others

Body Awareness
for Dancing & Living

An experiential workshop to explore your body and the mechanics of movement for self-awareness and better communication in partner dances and daily life

Most of the times, the difficulties that appear in learning a dance, being more expressive or just moving efficiently for daily tasks, have little to do with the dance/movement technique itself and more with the ways we inhabit our bodies.

Do you listen to your body?

It's common to live on autopilot and not pay attention to the body until it gets sick or hurts.

This disconnection can bring various challenges. From the execution of movements in daily life, to identifying emotions, physical sensations or what is good for you versus what is not, and finding ways to communicate and express yourself.

In my own journey and after years of teaching Tango Argentino dancing, Yoga and Body-Mind Integration practices, I've seen that the difficulties that appear in learning a dance, being more expressive or just moving efficiently for daily tasks, most of the time, have little to do with the dance/movement technique itself and more with the ways we inhabit our bodies.

Bring ease and confidence on these topics

Becoming aware of your body

Body awareness is helpful to know yourself better and identify what you need and how to provide it. And this gem is the base for self-care practices, healthy boundaries and more harmonic ways to connect with yourself and others.

Body Awareness for Dancing and Living is a workshop to address these topics that fuel self-confidence and communication and expressive skills.

You’ll learn about lesser known senses (did you know that we have more than 5?) and various techniques to help you gain body awareness, expand your repertoire of movements and develop communication and expressive skills for dancing and daily life.

“But Jessica, I’m not interested in dancing. Can I still benefit from this workshop?”

The short answer: Yes.

If you are alive, you move.

And body awareness is the base of movement.

Movement is the base of all dances, therefore contents are useful for any style and for learning about yourself and the way you move in daily life.

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Body Awareness for Dancing & Living

125 full access
  • Access to the full workshop (5 sessions)
  • Duration of each session: 1.5 to 2h
  • In-person in Vienna 15th district

    An online version will be available (dates and time to be announced, fill out the contact form to get updates)

  • From Jan 13th to Feb 10th, Thursdays at 19:00

Happy to meet you

Hi! I'm Jessica

My journey to connect with my body started with Tango Argentino.

I wasn’t looking for it back then, but after a while dancing I became aware of how disconnected I was from my body and how tango was opening that door for me. 

Being a very rational person –with academic overdose included: graduated from three BA, went through a MA program and half of another one, just to start the list–, body and emotions were like two invisible islands for me.

The sociological eye helped me to notice that tango was being transformative not only for me but for other people I met in the community. 

I became curious.

How’s that a dance can impact in such ways other aspects of life?

I wanted to know how the body-mind connections work and decided to study Yoga.

I was lucky to be in a school that understands yoga as much more than fancy postures and physical demand, and became certified as a Yoga Professor in Yoga Integral. A style that focuses on what yoga is supposed to look for: integration of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies in the journey to meditation, choosing and adapting the many techniques that exist in yoga to what’s beneficial for the student, regardless of their previous experience or physical condition.

Yoga kept opening my curiosity and the doors to my inner journey, which then led me to try different body therapies like Bioenergetics, Body-Mind Centering®, Psychodrama, Authentic Movement, Expressive Body Arts, among others.

From the many approaches to body-mind integration and starting paths I discovered, I chose to follow a postgrad in Dance/Movement Therapy to deepen my own journey.

This experience has been the most influential in my work during the last years, as the path of embodiment, conscious movement and movement analysis was more clarifying for my approach to dance than many tango technique classes I attended before; more supportive for my self-awareness, self-confidence and empowerment than traditional counseling; and definitely powerful to improve the way I relate to myself and others both in dance and life.

My interest in the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture keeps driving what I do. 

I enjoy sharing how what we do with our bodies has great power on how we perceive ourselves and relate to others.

Through somatic education and the uses of mindful movement, arts and dance for body-mind-soul integration (which I later combined with my passion for travels too, by designing and coordinating transformational retreats and cultural immersion experiences), I help people use the potential of body awareness and dance to gain self-awareness and skills for personal development, wellness and relational intelligence in their everyday life.


We'll keep it simple to help you gain body awareness and advance at your own pace.

There's no need of previous experience in movement or dance.

This is a workshop to get familiar with your own ways of moving and inhabiting your body. To discover what's underneath and explore different patterns to enrich your repertoire of movements and expressive skills.

In my approach to movement, physical demand is not a goal. The aim is to integrate various techniques that are accesible and adaptable to each case so you can make your journey in the way that's beneficial for you.

I kindly ask you to inform me in advance of any pain, injury, disease, physical limitation or any special condition so I can take it into account.

When submitting your registration form you'll receive my bank account details to pay by transfer.

If you need to pay by card or other electronic payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, stablecoins or crypto send me an email:

I'm optimistic while being aware of the uncertainty of these times, so I'm going on with our plans while providing the flexibility that these times require.

No worries about the unfortunate event of a new lockdown. Your payment remains valid to reschedule if continuing online is not an option for you, and refunds will be possible if the workshop gets cancelled in such scenario.

If you belong to a group that can benefit from social tariffs (reduced prices for people with low income or that suffer different forms of discrimination that would not be able to participate otherwise) and are really committed to your personal growth contact me through the contact form below.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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