Trust your body, trust your dance

If we know each other, you already know my motto.

Most of the difficulties that appear in learning any dance, and particularly tango (e.g. with posture and balance, assembling and maintaining a good abrazo, communication, musicality and developing skills for improvisation and expression), have little to do with the technique of the dance itself.

If clueless about your body, disconnected from your senses and focused only on memorizing and repeating steps, it’s quite likely to spend years and years attending classes, prácticas and milongas without finding that smooth type of walking, embracing and moving together that characterizes tango argentino.

Dancing exactly the same all orchestras regardless of whether it is a Di Sarli or a D'Arienzo and completely clueless during a Pugliese (just to bring in a few big names), and intimidated by new songs or orchestras.

If you're starting your tango path, the sooner you address these topics the better.

If advanced, you already know the importance of continuous training and deepening the explorations to unlock further levels of expressiveness and quality of movement in your dance.

Marcela and Alberto have a special gift for conveying these fundamental and decisive factors for deep connection and joyful dance, with a grounded know-how and good dosis of humor. And I'm very pleased to have them for the first time in Vienna ❤️

Small movements, big connection

With 40 years of dance experience, Marcela Trapé's artistic and educational career encompasses a combination of tango, ballet, contemporary dance and her self-developed Body Awareness Method©, which focuses on improving body organization, dance and general attitude towards life.

Alberto Gabriel Catalá brings in 25 years of experience teaching tango in Salon Canning (one of the most emblematic milonga sites in Buenos Aires), bridging traditional tango argentino with the Body Awareness Method© approach.

Join us in this intensive workshop and immerse yourself in the subtleties that empower deeper and better connection in tango dance.


DAY 1 (Saturday, July 1)

11:00-12:30 ⭐ Joints work. Spine. Spiral tango movements.

13:00-14:30 ⭐ Upper body relaxation. Unlocking joints and improving posture. The tango couple as a whole.

DAY 2 (Sunday, July 2)

11:00-12:30 ⭐ Lower body work. Free knees. Keys for proposing/leading and interpreting/following. Tango teamwork.

13:00-14:30 ⭐ Milonguero sequences. Balance. Levels. Sensitive communication.

It's possible to register to the full workshop or to the classes of your interest.

You're welcome to register with or without a dance partner.

Bring comfortable clothes. We will work with and without shoes (bring socks and the shoes you normally wear to dance). No worries if you don't have dance shoes, the whole workshop can be done in socks.

Private lessons

Go beyond and improve your dance in further detail with one-on-one training.

Marcela and Alberto are also available for private lessons during their stay in Vienna (June 29 to July 3).

You can attend individually or with a dance partner.

Contact me for availability and bookings.


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