Tango Argentino beginners course

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Build a strong foundation for your path in the tango world. With patience and ease even if you think you have two left feet 😉

Payment methods: Bank transfer or cash.

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Learn the fundamentals of Tango Argentino in a friendly atmosphere!

🗓 Oct-Dec Trimester: Weekly classes on Sunday from 17:00 to 18:00 until Dec 17th (Exception: On Dec 3rd from 17:00 to 18:30).

🗓 Next cycle: Feb-May 2024.

📍 EWTO Akademie (Haydngasse 1, 1060)

❓ A frequently asked question: What happens if I register to the full course and can’t attend a certain date?

Every week we start with a recap of the previous class so you won’t miss any contents. It’s of course recommended to be constant in your learning, but if you need to miss a class because of travels or any personal reasons it’s not tragic. 

📌 Choose the plan of your convenience:

  • Feb-May: 240€ per person
  • Monthly (4 classes in a row): 64€ per person
  • 6-block (6 classes within 2 months): 99€ per person
  • Per class / Try out class: 19€ per person / 34€ per couple

Note: On Dec 3rd the class is longer (1.5h). Therefore an adjustment applies: 25€ per person per class on these dates, and if you have a monthly or 6-block subscription we mark the equivalent of 1.5 session in your card.

Conditions of each plan:

You can register to any plan at any time (no need to wait for the beginning of a calendar month).

The Feb-May 2024 registration is valid for 1 weekly beginners class from February to May. It’s possible to pay in two parts (first half when you register and the second half latest on Apr 7th).

The 6-block card is valid for 6 classes of 1h within 2 months. You receive a physical card where we mark each class you take. This option exists in case you need flexibility or if you have previous experience in tango and want to attend the beginners course as a recap + the improvers course, since it’s possible to use this card in both courses (we mark one unit for each hour you take).

The monthly registration is valid for 4 consecutive classes of 1 hour each (in other words: 4 classes within 4 weeks).

Students, pensioners and unemployed can apply to up to 20% discount (include a note in your registration with the % off you need to join the courses).