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What tango course should I join?

Tango Argentino is an infinite and subtle dance, where quality matters more than quantity when it comes to qualify the execution of the dance.

Despite the efforts of building a pedagogy of tango argentino, which have led different schools to create content programs to teach the dance, the truth is that one’s level in tango is not necessarily defined by the number of steps/topics one has learned.

Therefore it’s comprehensible to find difficulties in placing oneself on a “level” when deciding which tango course to attend.

I get this question frequently asked, especially when someone comes back to tango after a long pause or from a different learning system.

My first advice: Stay always open and curious.

Tango Argentino is a continuous learning and there’s a bunch of advanced classes with renowned maestros where people attend to spend hours training how to properly transfer weight from step to step, how to improve their embrace and walk, and many other topics that a beginner could check off the list as “topic learned”.

So, depending on your perspective, you’d always find something to learn even in a beginners class when you have more experience.

– Ok Jessica, but that answer doesn’t solve my dilemma. Which group do I register for?!

Ok, ok. No worries, I know how complex the decision can be in the beginning.

Here are some more tips for you to decide what tango course to join (at least when learning with me)

✨ If you still feel unsure at suggesting/interpreting some codes in tango (e.g. for the cruce and the ochos) or fear stepping on your partners feet / get stepped on yours, a recap in the beginners course will be helpful for you.

Especially since our attention to detail increases when going again over a topic, and each group brings new questions and perspectives that you may not have considered before.

Also your body and your mind will be more ready to receive and incorporate very fine feedback that in your first classes may not have made sense to you (yeah, that’s why there are advanced dancers working on the topics we named above).

✨ If you already did the beginners course and don’t get the point of going over these topics, or have been dancing for a considerably longer time, the improvers course can suit you better.

Is it an advanced course? Not really.

It requires that you already know the fundamental codes of tango argentino and of moving together, as some classes will go into more complex topics than others, and obviously an improvers course is slightly more advanced than a beginners one.

In short: If you’re a beginner with previous experience, consider yourself intermediate, or want to focus on learning the other role, the improvers course is recommended for you.

Can I do both in parallel? Of course.

If you already have some experience and want to combine a deeper dive into the fundamentals with learning new contents, registering for both courses is a good solution.

Can I change my mind? Absolutely.

If you decide to register for the improvers course and on the way feel that it doesn’t fit you yet, it’s totally fine to switch to the beginners course and be happy.


I hope it helped 🙂

If you still have questions, I’m here for you.

Ready to keep your path in tango argentino?

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