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Yoga has been shown to improve physical, mental and emotional health, especially in people that suffer high levels of stress, tension, anxiety and/or with a sedentary lifestyle –who, precisely, may face greater difficulties to include the practice in their daily lives.

Starting with shorter and regular practices have proven to help building a habit that can prevail in the long term.

The Yoga Breaks program is specially designed for you if:

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The Yoga Breaks are designed to help you overcome any time struggles that stand between your intention and actions.

You’ll need only 15min from your day to start building up your yoga practice.

When and where you like: Join the Yoga Breaks live or at your convenience and as many times you like during the day with the recordings.


Once per week

25 month
  • Access to 1 weekly Yoga Break live on Zoom every Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning
  • 24h access to each Yoga Break recording
  • Starting on January 2022

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  • 24h access to each Yoga Break recording
  • Starting on January 2022

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60 month
  • Access to 3 weekly Yoga Breaks live on Zoom every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning
  • 24h access to each Yoga Break recording
  • Starting on January 2022

Happy to help you

Hi! I'm Jessica

I invite you to experience Yoga in an easy and accessible way, regardless of previous experience, physical condition or preconceptions about the practice of yoga.

We’ll start from what you can do now, choosing and adapting the many techniques that exist in yoga so you can benefit from its practice even if it’s your first time.

If you’re curious about my credentials, I’m certified in Yoga Integral, Yoga Therapy and currently pursuing a certification in Kundalini Yoga. Also certified instructor of Tango Argentino, Dance/Movement Therapy practitioner and social scientist.

My personal experience with tango and my research on sociology of the body and anthropology of the senses led me to dive into the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture –as what we do with our bodies has great power on how we perceive ourselves and relate to others.

That way I got involved with somatic education and the uses of movement, arts and dance for body-mind-soul integration, and later combined them with my passion for travels by designing and coordinating transformational retreats and cultural immersion experiences through tango dancing and yoga.

My present work focuses on wellness through mindful movement. Using the potential of body awareness and dance to help people gain self-awareness and skills for personal development and relational intelligence in their everyday life.


Yes. There's no need of previous experience to join the Yoga Breaks. We'll keep it simple to help you build up your practice and advance at your own pace.

It's a 15min break I invite you to take in order to build the habit of practicing yoga in your daily life.

You can choose how many times per week you want to do it (options at the moment are 1, 2 or 3 times per week).

The Yoga Breaks will be live (via Zoom) at 7:30am (Central European Time) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This way you can choose to start your day taking time for yourself, harmonizing your body-mind-soul before dealing with daily responsibilities.

If you're not an early bird, the recording will be ready for you to take your Yoga Break anytime during the day.

Each recording will be available for 24h to help you build the habit. We don't want the videos to be forgotten in a corner while procrastination joins the party.

In the styles of yoga I got certified in physical demand is not a goal. The aim is to provide you a benefit integrating the various existing techniques in Yoga (the known asanas or postures are just one of them), adapting them according to your condition and what you can do.

For this reason it’s very important that you inform me in advance of any pain, injury, disease, physical limitation or any special condition. This way I can give you better advice on how to build your practice and if the Yoga Breaks are for you or a more personalized approach is needed.

It’s also possible for visually impaired persons to join my classes, as I describe in detail the movements that are needed to follow the practice and therefore there’s no need to look at the screen (also useful if you’re worried about adding screen time to your life).

I'll record the Zoom live sessions on speaker view, which means your camera is not recorded.

I do ask you to please activate your camera when joining the live sessions because of safety. If I see you I can check that you're doing the movements correctly and give feedback/corrections when needed.

When submitting your registration form you'll receive my bank account details to pay by transfer.

If you're outside of the Euro zone or want to pay by card or other electronic payment methods send me an email:

The Yoga Breaks program is specially designed to help you build your yoga practice if you have a tight agenda or want to start with small steps.

If you prefer longer sessions you're welcome to join my other regular classes (in group or privates). You can send me an email if it's your case:

You can take advantage of Early Bird perks when subscribing before Dec 31st.

Those who join until that date will receive extra gifts, including a weekly live Meditation.

Early birds also benefit from the current launching prices. Your future renewals will remain the same when the subscription increases its price.

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