Get ready for a super Tango Weekend!

I'm so excited to have Alejandro Berón and Kelly Lettieri for the first time in Vienna!

They have a combined experience of over 20 years. Performing and teaching in 5 continents, more than 20 countries and over 75 cities, judging in tango events and festivals, and choreographing.

Alejandro and Kelly have podiumed individually and together in various competitions and, in addition to dancing, they are in the process of bringing together their musical careers, singing in venues in Argentina and Europe.

And most importantly, they have a great talent to translate the complexities of tango dancing into simple terms and to gauge their teachings to each person's needs and experience.

We've prepared a juicy program for you to enjoy and enhance your dance with intensive workshops, the friendliest práctica, milongas and show!

Are you in?


DECEMBER 1. (Friday)

19:00-21:00Meet & Greet Práctica

Let's get the party started!

We welcome Alejandro and Kelly and enjoy a great time together 🎉


DECEMBER 2. (Saturday)

14:00-15:30Connection Intensive

Take a deep dive into increasing your harmony with each partner you dance with by finding balance together, creating clear signals, and learning to communicate using the movement of the free leg.

16:00-17:30Harmonizing your Giros

The Giro (Spanish for turn) offers a space of unlimited potential for every tango dancer.

We can use it to express our connection, illustrate our favourite moments in the music, and even get out of a tight spot on the dance floor.

Like the walk, our journey into the giro never ends! We can always explore it and express it more deeply.

In this workshop, Alejandro and Kelly will guide you with exercises and tips that will refine the giros you already do, and provide you with structures that will give you greater creative freedom and connection when it's time to improvise.

Those in the proposers role will increase their creative and improvisational capabilities inside of the giro. And those in the interpreters role will increase their ability to take on a proactive role when a giro is proposed.

18:00-19:30Synchronized adornos for couples

Adornos (Spanish for embellishments, adornments) can be a great way to add attractiveness to your dance. Or a source of noise and disconnection between dance partners if how and when you do them is detrimental to what you're doing together.

Alejandro and Kelly share their secrets on adornos that actually enhance your dance, for both roles and synchronized!

21:00-02:00 ⭐ Alejandro is DJing at Milonga Central!

We join Sylvia and Bernd's milonga in the first district to dance the best tandas by Alejandro Berón as guest DJ! (Bäckerstraße 16, 1010)


DECEMBER 3. (Sunday)

13:30-15:00 ⭐ Mastering the Language of the Musicality of Tango

Explore with Alejandro and Kelly the different elements that form the music of tango.

Accompanied by the live music of Alejandro Berón, you will discover how to connect more deeply with your dance partners in the milonga, using music and rhythm as a shared language.

15:15-16:45 ⭐ Secrets of the Social Dance Floor

Join Alejandro and Kelly as they share tips, tools, and "yeites" (tricks in Lunfardo) that will get you feeling comfortable and confident when you dance in the milonga.

Deep dive into building a connection with those you dance with, tapping into the links between our everyday walk and movement, and the technique of tango. Using simple elements to expand your creative options and finding ease in the circulation (and sometimes lack thereof) on the dance floor regardless of the space available.

17:00-18:30 ⭐ Dance in connection. Secrets for a meaningful embrace (with Jessica*)

Memorable tandas and the best embraces go beyond technique.

While the meaning of presence, connection, and other terms commonly used to describe what makes the tango magic possible varies from person to person, there are elements that help bring their abstraction into more concrete sensations in the body, and improve our interactions on and off the dance floor.

Join and get some keys to translate those ideas into your body and bring more sutil dynamics of communication and connection into your dance.

*If you have a running registration to my regular courses (full course or block card) this workshop is already included in your current subscription.

19:00-22:00 ⭐ Milonga Itinerante Special Edition!

And such a super tango weekend of course includes a big party!

You already know our motto: Come as you are!

We continue bridging Tango Argentino tradition with awareness of being in the XXI century and celebrating the growth of a welcoming community.

This time with the luxury of having Alejandro and Kelly performing for us! ❤️



All workshops and Sunday milonga take place at Haydngasse 1, 1060 Wien.

Parkett floor and the friendliest atmosphere for you to enjoy.

You're welcome to register with or without a dance partner.

You're free to join single workshops or the combination of your choice. Package discounts are available upon registration.

We provide a small snack during the breaks and you're free to bring your own food (dishes and cutlery available) or something to share in the common table if you like.

Private lessons

Go beyond and enhance your dance in further detail with personalized training!

Alejandro and Kelly are available for private lessons during their stay in Vienna (Dec 1st to 4th). You can choose to learn with one of them or with both.

It's only a few time slots available. The sooner you book, the better chances to get on the agenda.

You can attend individually or with a dance partner (prices are per hour).

Contact me for availability and bookings.


Prices are per person.
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