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in Vienna

Private & group classes, special workshops and the most welcoming milongas!

Tango for Beginners

Is dancing on your bucket list? Taking the connection with your partner to another level? Meeting people while trying something new?

Do it with Tango Argentino!

Join us to learn it the easy way, even if it's the first time you dance or if you think you have two left feet 😉

This course will help you build a strong foundation to advance in your tango journey.

Register with or without a dance partner. Everyone is welcome.

Just bring a good attitude and an open mind to learn and co-create a good atmosphere for all.

You're welcome to learn the role(s) of your choice (I encourage you to learn both) and expect openness to dance with any person in the room regardless of gender.

What’s in the Tango for Beginners course?

When not familiar with tango, it might seem choreographed when watching advanced dancers.

You’d be surprised then to know that tango argentino is an improvised dance 🤯

In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of tango and tools to develop body awareness and to connect with dance partners and the music.

You won't just imitate steps by memory in our classes. That would limit your learning by leaving aside how to actually move together with any person you never practiced with, and how to apply the social elements of tango argentino into your dance.

Not to mention how long it takes to develop improvisation skills if all you do is to copy steps.

Our body awareness & social dance approach will save you time in the long run and allows greater freedom in you tango.

We’ll build up your familiarity with movement and confidence in your dance, with the patience that every learning process needs.

🗓  Summer intensive course: July 3rd & 10th (Wednesday) 20:00-22:00

📍 Haydngasse 1, 1060 Wien

* Your registration to any of the courses gives you access to our prácticas on a pay as you wish basis.


You can come with any type of shoes. Nevertheless, some shoes will support your movements better than others. Check out some recommendations on how to choose proper shoes for dancing tango here.

There's no need for special clothes either. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

If you're looking to invest in tango shoes for greater comfort in your learning process, contact me to guide you on options that offer special prices for my students.

This course will help you to recap and improve what you learned.

The fundamentals are the most important in tango argentino. A good walk, embrace, connection and musicality are skills that one continue improving even as an advanced dancer.

From this deeper understanding, you'll always find something new when approaching "again" the fundamentals.

Since each group is different, some contents and the questions and topics that arise on each season also vary.

Nothing more than willingness to start your tango journey 🙂

You can register with or without a dance partner.

No need of previous experience with dance or movement.

Prices and payment options are in the registration link.

To favour the learning process, the course includes a recap at the start of each session. Therefore you won't miss any contents if you need to skip a class due to travels or other personal reasons.

This applies to longer courses. When attending an intensive course ask me about your case before enrolling so I can guide you better.

Especially at the beginning of your tango path being constant will make your learning process easier and favours a stable rhythm in the group. 

If your times are non compatible at all with this course, you still can learn tango. Contact me for private or semiprivate lessons and we'll make a personalized plan for you.

Tango Fundamentals Intensive

Last session: ⭕ Workshop on Molinetes/Giros ⭕ April 17th, 20:00 to 22:00

📍Haydngasse 1, 1060 Wien

You're welcome with or without a dance partner.

Learning both roles is welcomed and encouraged.

If you missed the previous sessions or have zero experience in tango, book a private class to catch up before joining this session.

The contents we'll work on in this session (giros/molinetes and contramolinetes/contragiros) are the second part of my teaching program, so if you've completed the beginners course in the past or are attending this semester, this is your way to continue.

It's for you as well if you've studied this family of figures and still search for flow and ease on them or simply understand how tango technique is always improvable.

* Your registration to any of the courses gives you access to our prácticas on a pay as you wish basis.

What’s the Tango Fundamentals Intensive course about?

It makes me smile when someone aks “for how long have you been dancing?”.

We all might have used this popular ice breaker when meeting someone at a dance gathering.

But how much does the answer actually tell us?

“10 years” … “6 months” …

Is it a lot? Too little?

Leaving aside how specific each case is when learning movement, there’s a simple math:

Someone who dances 1 hour per month in 10 years counts 120 hours in their tango trajectory.

And 5 hours everyday during 6 months? That brings more than 900 hours in their track.

The beauty of relativity ❤️

Let’s take advantage of it and get you to learn the tango basics sooner than you imagine!

I won’t lie to you: Tango isn’t fast food.

It takes time and perseverance to master it.

With the right determination and methodology it’s possible to shorten that time span.

This intensive course trains you on the skills we normally learn in 6 weekly classes, in half the time.

“Dress me slowly that I’m hurried” a popular saying goes.

We advance in twice the speed without hurries.

Dedicating the same detail and patience as always to your learning process, just in longer sessions (2h each, with a short break in the middle to keep it light).

Join and get ready to hit the dance floor!

Happy to meet you

Hi! I'm Jessica

My journey to connect with my body started with Tango Argentino.

I wasn’t looking for it back then, but after a while dancing I became aware of how disconnected I was from my body and how tango was opening that door for me. 

Being a very rational person (academic overdose included: graduated from three BA, went through a MA program and half of another one… just to start the list), body and emotions were like two invisible islands for me.

My sociological eye helped me notice that tango was being transformative not only for myself but for other people I met in the community. 

I became curious.

How’s that a dance can impact in such ways other aspects of life?

I wanted to know how the body-mind connections work and thought that Yoga could be a place to look for it. So I decided to enrol in a yoga teachers program.

I was lucky to learn in a school that understands yoga as much more than fancy poses and physical demand, and became certified as a Yoga Professor in Yoga Integral. Its approach allows to choose and adapt the many techniques that exist in yoga to what’s beneficial for the student. Regardless of their previous experience or physical condition.

These learnings gave me some of the clues I was looking for and many others I was totally unaware of.

It of course influenced my approach to tango as well.

This kept opening my curiosity and the doors to my inner journey, which led me to try other body-mind approaches like Bioenergetics, Body-Mind Centering®, Psychodrama, Authentic Movement, Expressive Body Arts, Contact Improvisation, among others.

From the many paths to body-mind integration I tried, I chose to follow a postgrad in Dance/Movement Therapy to deepen my journey.

This experience has been the most influential in my work during the last years, as the path of embodiment, conscious movement and movement analysis was more clarifying for my approach to dance than many tango technique classes I attended before. More supportive for my self-awareness, self-confidence and empowerment than traditional counseling. And definitely powerful to improve the way I relate to myself and others both in dance and daily life.

My interest in the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture keeps driving what I do.

For me tango argentino is a philosophy of life.

A path to freedom, empowerment and personal transformation.

A door to a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

It’s culture and community.

Definitely way more than a mere collection of memorized steps to repeat.

When learning with me you can expect a mix of all this.

Traveling is my other big passion so it is also present in what I do.

In a more obvious way by designing and coordinating transformational retreats and cultural immersion experiences in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

And in the subtle ways by bringing parts of that culture to the classes and events I organize in any place I’m based at. Which at the moment means bringing what I love and miss from tango in Buenos Aires to Vienna ❤

Intensive course

Get the best of both worlds.

Enjoy the advantages of semiprivate lessons and the benefits of dancing with different people in a small group setting.

When learning in private or semiprivate lessons it's possible to get in further detail into each participant's technique, work on even more personalized feedback and build together the contents of each session based on what you need to advance in your tango journey.

You can register with or without a dance partner and are welcome to learn both roles.

Classes are in English, or bilingual English/Spanish according to the group’s needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with these languages we'll manage to help you with translation to Deutsch.

🗓  Thursday at 19:15 until end of Feb

📍 Zentrum Exist (Sechshauser Str. 38-36, 1150. Entrance after the second door on ground floor)

Your registration includes extra time to practice for free between the Sunday classes (18:05 to 18:30 in Haydngasse 1, 1060) and a 10% discount on yoga classes that you can combine to improve your body awareness and quality of movement.

Yoga schedules in Spanish here and in English here.

Register to save your place in the tango intensive course.

Tango & Somatics Special Trainings

Most difficulties that appear when learning a figure, dancing with a new partner or to music you don't know, have little to do with the tango technique itself and more with body awareness and familiarity to the mechanics of movement.

Never heard of somatics?

It has all to do with that.

Knowing what (and how) to make the most subtle adjustments in your posture and ways of moving enhances your dance to the moon and back.

Even more when diving into pure improvisation.

How to handle the uncertainty that comes with it?

Trust and fear are sides of the same coin.

The same uncertainty that can trigger fears and insecurities on the dance floor, is the foundation of freedom and creativity.

When trusting your body, it's easier to access that side of the game and trust your dance. 

The good news is that trust can be built.

It doesn't come out of the blue nor overnight.

Neither with ideas that only live in your mind.

Embodying them is the core of the thing.

To elevate your dance, build confidence, and express your unique style through tango, trusting your body is key.

And that's what somatics is about.

Same as you might trust more whom you know better, knowing your body is the first step.

Somatics isn't new content in my classes. Plenty of interesting questions on the mechanics of movement have arisen in our courses from this approach ❤️

This Tango & Somatics Trainings come to deepen that work.

Join to improve your balance, stability, comfort in the embrace, ease of movement, and the aesthetics of your dance.

In this special training series I focus on empowering you to:

Enhance your body awareness.

Achieve a profound understanding of your body's movement and positioning to progressively master the dance with grace and confidence.

Improve balance and stability.

Say goodbye to wobbles and insecurity on the dance floor as you cultivate a grounded and non-constraining sense of control on every step.

Experience comfort in the embrace.

Gain tools to create a connection with your dance partner that's both tender and secure, making your dance more intimate and enjoyable for both of you.

Achieve effortless movement.

Advance in unlocking the fluidity and ease in your tango. Allowing your dance to be an expression of art and emotion, instead of plain technique.

Refine the aesthetics.

Discover how to add that touch of elegance and sophistication to your dance, so you can look as good as you feel.

🗓 Thursday 19:15 (except May 9th which is a double session starting at 18:15)

📍 Zentrum Exist (Sechshauser Str. 38-36, 1150. Entrance after the second door on ground floor)

For all levels. It's not required to attend with a dance partner.

*There are Yoga classes after these sessions, that you can add to complement your body-mind work.

Improvers course

Improve what you already know and progressively learn more complex techniques and moves.

We work in depth on the mechanics of movement, body awareness, communication, social dimension of the dance and the core elements of tango argentino to clean your technique and improve your skills.

The focus is on body awareness and the connection between dance partners, in order to find ease in movement and favour the improvisation which is the core of tango argentino.

The improvers course is recommended for participants with some previous experience (good basics) and those interested in continuously improving their tango technique or learning both roles.

This is a mixed level course where each class contents are adapted to the participants.

You don't need to have lots of experience to join but good basics are important.

If in doubt contact me or book a private lesson to catch up on the fundamentals you'll need.

Classes are in English, or bilingual English/Spanish according to the group’s needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with these languages we'll manage to help you with translation to Deutsch.

You're welcome with or without a dance partner.

🗓  Sundays at 18:30

📍 Haydngasse 1, 1060 Wien

*Your registration gives you access to our prácticas on a pay as you wish basis.

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    Milonga Itinerante

    The gatherings to dance tango argentino are known as milongas.

    Itinerante means this milonga takes place at varied locations (calendar below).

    Get updates on your email via my Newsletter.

    "Tradition is not to worship the ashes but transmitting the fire"

    My classes and events bridge tango argentino tradition with awareness of being in the XXI century.

    Come as you are! With or without a dance partner, solo, with friends, beginner or experienced, dancing the role(s) you want, wearing what makes YOU feel good.

    All combinations are welcome!

    Just bring good vibes and an open mind to co-create a welcoming space for all. 

    Respect and consent are the rules.

    If it's your first time in a milonga I'm happy to guide you through the social codes of tango argentino so everyone feels at ease. Just ask me 😉

    Join the Newsletter and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get all the news and updates in our agenda.


    Apr 21. 19:30 after our weekly classes (Haydngasse 1, 1060)

    Apr 24. 20:00 Amerlinghaus edition (Stiftgasse 8, 1070) + Open lesson for all levels at 19:00

    May 5. 19:30 after our weekly classes (Haydngasse 1, 1060)

    June 23. Concert + Milonga with Duo Faryna-Satorre! Café Aera (Gonzagagasse 11, 1010)

    More dates are coming! Join the Newsletter to be the first to know.

    The friendliest Práctica in town

    (Calendar below)

    Prácticas were born as gatherings to practice tango in a more informal setting than traditional milongas, to ask for feedback and to socialize with other tango enthusiasts.

    A space to try out the knowledge you've got or even to learn the basics from other attendants if you're new to tango.

    What's Abrazatango Social about?

    Quite simple:

    We take the original purpose of tango prácticas and co-create an open and welcoming atmosphere, inviting a fresher and festive energy for every tango enthusiast to get together, meet new people, dance and have fun.

    Dancing not only to songs you might know from the traditional scene but mainly tangos, valses and milongas of this century, and some other rhythms that's fun to dance to.

    When not knowing how to dance them no worries, take the chance and learn from others. Judgement and criticism stay outside the door 😉

    All levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome.

    Practice makes the master. Expand your skills and gain confidence in your dance while having fun.

    Take it as a friends party and play around with what you know and new ideas to create your own dance.

    Get the chance to socialize and make new friends.

    You're welcome to dance and practice whichever role(s) you like, including solo technique (there's plenty of room in the studio for all options).

    Most regular attendants dance both roles.

    Consent and respect are the rules.

    Want to co-DJ the party? Send me your songs choice in advance and we'll dance to them.

    Feel free to bring your own drinks or something to share in the common table.

    There's also a small bar with coffee and soft drinks that you can buy from the studio.

    Come with an open mind to co-create a welcoming, friendly and respectful atmosphere for all.

    There's no entry fee for course participants. When you attend the classes, you choose what you contribute to keep the práctica sustainable.

    You're of course welcome to join too if you don't attend the classes. Regular fee is 10€

    If you're unemployed and can't afford a regular fee nor the courses, reach out to me.

    All kinds of shoes are allowed at this studio.

    Looking forward to welcoming you in our dance community 🙂


    Apr 28. 19:30 EWTO Akademie (Haydngasse 1, 1060)

    Join the Newsletter to get updates on the next prácticas, milongas and courses.

    Gallery under construction. More on the way 😉 and already available on my Instagram and Facebook.

    Here some memories of our first special edition with Duo Faryna-Satorre and their concert feat. Paula Barembuem in 2022.

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