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Private & group classes, special workshops and the most welcoming milongas!

Tango for Beginners

Registration to the next beginners course is open!

Register here to get advantage of the early bird discounts.


No. Dancing in socks is perfectly possible and comfortable if you don't have dance shoes.

If you have practice shoes / dance sneakers you're welcome to bring them.

If you're considering investing in dance shoes now or in the future, feel free to ask me for advice (also, as a participant of my courses you gain access to a discount in dance shoes).

You can show up spontaneously to the first class, although is recommended to sign up in advance to make sure there's room for you if the course gets fully booked (as it has happened in the past).

Also, early bird prices are available for a limited time. You can leave it for later if you don't mind paying a higher price.

To favour the learning process, the course includes a recap of the previous class at the start of each session so you won't miss any contents. I'll accompany you to make sure you catch up with the group when you're back if you missed a class.

If your times are non compatible with this course and you don't want to miss out learning tango, contact me for private lessons.

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    Improvers course

    *** Registration for new attendants is closed until April ***

    Improve the technique of what you already know and expand your knowledge to advance in your dance, focusing on body awareness, connection between dancing partners and with the music in a playful and easy way to favor the improvisation which is in the core of tango argentino.

    This is a multi-level course, recommended for beginners with previous knowledge, intermediate, and those who are interested in continuously improving their tango technique or learning both roles.

    The classes are in English, or bilingual English/Spanish according to the group’s needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with these languages we'll manage to help you with translation to Deutsch.

    Sundays from 18:15 to 19:15 (New registrations closed until April)

    @ Salon Sechshaus (Sechshauser Straße 48 top 2)

    Bring dance sneakers / practice shoes without high heels or a pair of socks to this studio.

    You can join spontaneously although recommended to save your place.

    Giros/Molinetes Intensive Course

    Molinetes or giros are a classic in tango argentino.

    We could conceive them as a figure or more comprehensively as a technique.

    If you've been to my classes you already know that I don't put students to imitate and memorize sequences by heart, completely disconnected from each other.

    My goal is to help you understand and feel in your body the mechanics of movement and to develop skills for improvisation in a dialogue-based dance.

    This way we can build up confidence in your dance, with the patience that every learning process needs, and focus on developing a good base for the smooth and interconnected way of dancing that makes tango argentino so special.

    – Ok Jessica, but I thought this is a workshop about giros… Won’t we learn the figure?

    Yes. You’ll learn the family of figures known as giros or molinetes.

    And more (if you want to).

    I invite you to see beyond the figures.

    When you understand what tango is about, you find that figures are just the envelope, the excuse, the means to get to…

    To what?

    To the core of tango argentino. Which is far from just throwing figures on the dance floor.

    The workshop consists of 4 hours distributed in 2 sessions of 2h each.

    On January 19 & 26 from 19:00 to 21:00

    You can take the full course or join per class.

    @ Login Base (Weiglgasse 19, 1150. Door on the corner of Weiglgasse & Jheringgasse)

    This course is recommended for beginners with previous experience*, intermediate, and any person interested in improving their technique and seeing beyond the envelope if they already know the figure.

    *You need to know at least the basics of walk and embrace in tango argentino and how the ochos forward and backward work.

    It's not required to attend with a dance partner, just openness to dance with any person in the room regardless of gender.

    Come with a good attitude and an open mind to learn and co-create a good atmosphere for all.

    You’re welcome to join spontaneously although recommended to save your place.

    Gallery under construction. More on the way 😉

    Milonga Itinerante

    "Tradition is not to worship the ashes but transmitting the fire"

    Our milongas bridge tango argentino tradition with awareness of being in the XXI century.

    Come as you are. With or without a dance partner, solo, with friends, beginner or experienced, dancing the role(s) you want, wearing what makes you feel good, all combinations are welcome! Just bring good vibes and an open mind to co-create a welcoming space for all. 

    If it's your first time in a milonga I'm happy to guide you through the social codes of tango argentino so you can feel at ease. Just ask me.

    Itinerante means this milonga takes place at different locations 😎 

    Updates are posted here and on my Instagram & Facebook. Stay tuned! 

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    The friendliest Práctica in town

    Prácticas are gatherings to practice tango in a more informal setting than traditional milongas and to socialize with other tango enthusiasts.

     It's a space for trying out the new knowledge you've got or even learn the basics from other attendants if you're new to tango and to receive/ask for feedback.

    Preserving the original purpose of tango Prácticas, here all levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome to experiment, play and get rid of the weight of judgement on the dance floor, in order to expand your skills and gain confidence in your dance.

    There's no entry fee so no one is left out. Contribute the amount of your choice to keep it sustainable.

    (If you feel lost at deciding your contribution take the average price of tango events in Vienna as a reference: 8-12€).

    I serve snacks and soft drinks. You're welcome to bring something to share in the common table if you like.

    Come with an open mind to co-create a welcoming, friendly and respectful atmosphere for all 🙂

    Join the Newsletter to get updates on the next prácticas and milongas.

    Gallery under construction. More on the way 😉

    Here some memories of our special edition with Duo Faryna-Satorre and their concert feat. Paula Barembuem.

    Happy to meet you

    Hi! I'm Jessica

    My journey to connect with my body started with Tango Argentino.

    I wasn’t looking for it back then, but after a while dancing I became aware of how disconnected I was from my body and how tango was opening that door for me. 

    Being a very rational person (academic overdose included: graduated from three BA, went through a MA program and half of another one… just to start the list), body and emotions were like two invisible islands for me.

    My sociological eye helped me notice that tango was being transformative not only for me but for other people I met in the community. 

    I became curious.

    How’s that a dance can impact in such ways other aspects of life?

    I wanted to know how the body-mind connections work and thought that Yoga could be a place to look for it. So I decided to enrol in a yoga teachers program.

    I was lucky to learn in a school that understands yoga as much more than fancy poses and physical demand, and became certified as a Yoga Professor in Yoga Integral. A style that focuses on what yoga is supposed to look for: self-awareness and integration of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies in the journey to meditation, choosing and adapting the many techniques that exist in yoga to what’s beneficial for the student, regardless of their previous experience or physical condition.

    These learnings gave me some of the clues I was looking for and others I was totally unaware of.

    It of course influenced my approach to tango as well.

    This kept opening my curiosity and the doors to my inner journey, which led me to try other body-mind approaches like Bioenergetics, Body-Mind Centering®, Psychodrama, Authentic Movement, Expressive Body Arts, Contact Improvisation, among others.

    From the many paths to body-mind integration I tried, I chose to follow a postgrad in Dance/Movement Therapy to deepen my journey.

    This experience has been the most influential in my work during the last years, as the path of embodiment, conscious movement and movement analysis was more clarifying for my approach to dance than many tango technique classes I attended before; more supportive for my self-awareness, self-confidence and empowerment than traditional counseling; and definitely powerful to improve the way I relate to myself and others both in dance and life.

    My interest in the connections between body, mind, emotions, identity and culture keeps driving what I do.

    For me tango argentino is a philosophy of life.

    A path to freedom, empowerment and personal transformation. A door to a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

    It’s culture and community.

    Definitely way more than a mere collection of memorized steps to repeat.

    When learning with me you can expect a mix of all this.

    Traveling is my other big passion so it is also present in what I do.

    In a more obvious way by designing and coordinating transformational retreats and cultural immersion experiences in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

    And in the subtle ways by bringing parts of that culture to the classes and events I organize in any place I’m based at, which at the moment means bringing what I love and miss from tango in Buenos Aires to Vienna ❤

    How can I help you?

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